Why Runes for Change?

Thanks for joining me here. Runes for Change is the home-space of the newsletter for Soul Intent Arts. Here you will find public version of The Weekly Rune, essays, and updates on events, What in the Wyrd podcast episodes, and book releases.

I experience the Elder Futhark runes as keys to humaning well. The Weekly Rune is the place where I share how working with them in season allows us to draw our agency down into ecosystem and wyrdweave our wisdom for change.

I’m not much of a newsletter writer, though I do write articles frequently enough. Here you will receive free articles on the runes, animism, soul tending, deathwalking, and ancestral engagement. If you benefit from The Weekly Rune, please consider supporting it financially on Patreon, where you can also find information on special classes, getting a Birth Rune Snapshot, regular Soul Readings, and Soul Tending sessions.

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Runes for Change


Kelley Harrell
Author and animist Kelley Harrell (she/they) writes about the Elder Futhark runes, animism, and soul tending as allies in how we leave the planet better than we found it.